About Me and KTT

Hello I am known on the internet as Kurchatovium. I was a Ph.D. Chemist but got tired everyone else making money off of my ideals. So I decided on a career change and since I was always interested in computers, 3d graphics and the internet I decided to go into web site design. It was not an easy decision to leave everything I knew behind but one I felt I had to make since I had lost my motivation for doing chemistry. However, I feel passionately about the graphics and web sites I design and this is why I know Kurchatovium Thread Technologies (KTT) will succeed.

I use a lot of different software and techniques to accomplish the effects that you will see. Some are simple programs others are very complex. Some are 2d and some are 3d packages. I also blend in ideas from other sources like photography, optics, and yes even chemistry. I feel my scientific training has given me a unique perspective on art and on the internet. I am, of course, still learning and am always striving to improve the techniques and tools I have at my disposal. The modern world is rapidly changing and the internet changes even faster. Thus KTT will change even faster to make sure what I can give you is the very best. The future will always be history here cause I intend to always stay out in front. A daunting task to be sure, but one I will enjoy pursuing to the utmost. I hope as you explore this site and learn more about me and KTT that you will like my ideals, my art, my work and share my passion for what art and the internet can be.

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